Николь Кузнецова переживает из-за слухов о беременности The finalist of “the battle of psychics” gave the answer fans. Nicole Kuznetsov clarified the ambiguous phrase, which she wrote just a day ago. Then the followers have suggested that the witch is expecting a baby.

Finalist of the 16th season of the popular program “the Battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova recently visited at the premiere screening of the film “Goldeneye”. She said that the picture of her is so impressed that even decided to call his daughter Paraska in honor of one of the heroines. This statement is so excited fans a white mage, they began to congratulate her on her pregnancy. Some have decided that this is the way Kuznetsova said about the speedy completion of the family.

However, as it turned out, the followers have made premature conclusions. Nicholl hastened to stop the wave of rumors.

“My favorite, I’m not pregnant. About Paraska was joking!” – said the psychic.

Followers are glad that the finalist of “the battle of psychics” clarified the situation, because some took this information at face value. However, among them were those who immediately “got” a celebrity. “It was immediately clear that this is a joke!”, “People of every word take literally”, “humor Joke… Then work in peace,” wrote fans.

While Nicole did not say seriously that thinks about the baby. She, along with her husband Alexander by Sudakovym has two children – sons Egor and Stepan. She admitted that the older child’s health problems – he was diagnosed with diabetes. She hopes that soon the science will progress and invent a cure to rid this disease. Meantime, the boy has to limit themselves in food, avoiding certain products.

Nicole Kuznetsova about a serious illness: “I Thank God that it’s not cancer”

“My oldest son goes to third grade. He has psychic abilities as me, but he is also disabled from childhood. On my right arm, and she was devoted to children. It says that Egor is my life, hope is my strength. They make me stronger. Every year children grow up, and I become happier. Sons are very obedient, in the morning alone and go walk the dog. They help me to get out, to go to the store, help all folded, open the door… they will all become true men. In matters of education, I still very strict mother, which tends to punish the children,” said Kuznetsova.