Nicole Kuznetsova underwent a major surgery

Николь Кузнецова перенесла серьезную операцию This weekend the star of “the battle of psychics” once again turned to the doctors. Specialists conducted a 217-th operation on the trachea “white witch”. Nicole hopes to be able to ever fully speak.

      Nicole Kuznetsova, who reached the final of the sixteenth season of “the battle of psychics”, has gone through another operation. The white witch many years living with a tracheotomy tube in his throat, as this device allows it to breathe. According to Kuznetsova, she had twice experienced clinical death. Due to severe disease at an early age she almost couldn’t speak. Thanks to the help of doctors, Nicole was able to learn how to whisper.

      The psychic told his fans that it again had to do the surgery. “There were 217, is still the same, maybe more,” wrote Nicole on his page in the social network, uploading a photograph taken on the way back from the hospital.

      Poklonniki support their favorite social networks. “Get well! You are worth it! The main thing to believe and not lose hope, Hang in there. We are all with you, dear. Everything will be all right, “Nicole, you are very strong to have gone on so many operations, From my heart I wish you a speedy recovery and freedom from your illness! Good health for you and your family!”, – wrote words of encouragement Kuznetsova followers in Instagram.

      However, severe disease does not interfere with Nicole leading an active life and take care of children. Ex-participant of “Battle of psychics” raising two sons and helping people to cope with the challenges they faced. Kuznetsov also scored students, which develops magical abilities. Nicole from “the battle of psychics” will open his own school

      “Magic does wonders, but only helps. We, the people, the soothsayers, which you can call the astrologer, the fortune teller – see the alternative future scenarios. Always a person has a choice how to proceed: to steal or not to steal, change or not change, go to a casting for a job and write a CV or to sit and wait when someone will call you. If we try, pray, live right and dignity, then we are rewarded,” said Kuznetsova in an interview, explaining how it helps people.

      Recall that Nicole was immediately interested viewers sixteenth “the battle of psychics”. The woman called herself a widow who died from peritonitis “kingpin” Vyacheslav Ivankov, whom many knew by the nickname Yaponchik. According to white witch, from him she has a son George.