Николь Кузнецова рассказала о причинах расставания Романец и Гусева The star of “the battle of psychics” has shared his opinion on the subject of gap former participants “House-2”. Nicole Kuznetsov believes that Romanets and Gusev will not restore the relationship out of frustration in each other.
Николь Кузнецова рассказала о причинах расставания Романец и Гусева

All week the debate continues with regards to the separation of the stars home electroni of Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev. Fans of bright pair do not lose hope for the reconciliation of their favorites. However, celebrities are not in a hurry to forget old grudges and regularly sharing with fans intimate details of common life and the causes of the conflict.

One of the most popular participants of “Battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova, too, has an opinion on this. A young woman believes that Gusev was not quite fair in relations with romanet. That is, in the opinion of witches, will stop him to create a strong Union in the future.

Николь Кузнецова рассказала о причинах расставания Романец и Гусева“Anton didn’t break up with Vic, because, by and large, never had been. She looked at him, and he in the mirror and purse. For many years Anton has been and will be other girls, in addition to Victoria, but for the love he is not capable. Why not meet her,” says Nicole.
Николь Кузнецова рассказала о причинах расставания Романец и Гусева

Kuznetsov also noted that the brunette was aware of the shortcomings of the elect, but to cancel the wedding with him did not hurry. Perhaps to explain to Gusev and to break the uneasy relationship interfered with her feelings of jealousy and unwillingness to share it with someone else. Now, according to Nicole, ex-member of “House-2” to go in search of the new novel.

“Vic has put itself in dependence on him. She understood that it was not her man, he brings her a lot of problems. But to let him go to other girls didn’t. Romanet will not be able to leave Anton beside him, because he knew that she saw through it. Now he will choose a new victim of your charm. Desirable – stupid Wiki. And even better – richer. However, success will soon turn away from him,” – said the psychic.

Николь Кузнецова рассказала о причинах расставания Романец и Гусева

By the way, romanet actually called Guseva “gigolo”. Star telestroke told that all this time the man lived on her money. According to Victoria, she paid for the upcoming celebration, and also regularly bought chosen clothes, food, pay for house and car. The brunette considers this behavior of men unworthy and said that will no longer help him financially.

“He owes me a huge sum of money. I paid the rent, dinners at restaurants, even on vacation with Daniel was organized for my money,” – shared the star with “StarHit”.

He Gusev, of course, does not agree with the position of ex-girlfriend. Businessman openly said that the reason for the gap are correspondence to Victoria with a friend. In personal conversations romanet admitted that he does not like Anton and meets him for PR. These words stung the man so that he had to move out. By the way, after the showdown, the brunette threw things a roommate right out the window. Apart from clothes, flew down icons and documents to live. The correspondence that led to the cancellation of the wedding Gusev and romanet. PHOTO