Nicole Kuznetsova: “the Daughter Pelagia will be a big hit with the guys”

Николь Кузнецова: «Дочь Пелагеи будет пользоваться успехом у парней» The psychic said he is waiting for Taisia in the future. White witch Nicole Kuznetsova explained what led to the consequences of the scandal surrounding the new Union between the hockey player Ivan Telegin and singer Pelageya, and also explained which will grow girl.

      Николь Кузнецова: «Дочь Пелагеи будет пользоваться успехом у парней»
      Николь Кузнецова: «Дочь Пелагеи будет пользоваться успехом у парней»

      In late January, the singer Pelageya for the first time became a mother. She gave husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin adorable daughter. For the athlete, the baby was the second child. The man a son of the civil wife.

      Finalist of the 16th season of “Battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsov said he is waiting for the family of Pelagia in the future. According to white witch, Telegin has gone from dancer Eugenia Nour, because it was meant to be.

      “This Alliance was based more on mutual intoxication than deep feelings and common interests, – said the psychic. – The girl will soon create a family with a worthy man, and become the mother, such will be the reward for Zhenya for something that never gave a damn about a new family of Ivan”.

      Николь Кузнецова: «Дочь Пелагеи будет пользоваться успехом у парней»

      According to the clairvoyant, in new marriage Telegino have to work on relationships. Daughter of the singer and the hockey player will grow up healthy and happy, and no drama in her life is not expected. As it turned out, Taisiya is under strong protection.

      “Ancestors in the next world was so worried about the fate of the conceived among the scandal of the child that just joined her soul, so it does not over power the evil eye of people who do not approve of the behaviour of the parents – said Nicole.

      Nicole Kuznetsov believes that the daughter of celebrities don’t have to be associated with the world of show business. Taisiya prepared for a completely different path.

      “The little heiress, it is not necessary to drag on Olympus, she prepared another fate, she will be successful with the young people, it will not have enemies because of its appeal and remarkable character girl in the school years, many will be able to win, and in the future will gain a strong and happy family,” explained Kuznetsov.

      The psychic believes that the daughter of the famous singer as its tenacity can make a lot of good and important things. In addition, Nicole is sure that children Ivan, despite the current situation, will communicate with each other as brother and sister.