Nicole Kuznetsova suffered from the actions of doctors

Николь Кузнецова пострадала от действий врачей Finalist of “the battle of psychics” refused the operation. Nicole Kuznetsova needs help. She reported that the physician had put her in a state of anesthesia, but the surgery itself was not.

Fans of Nicole Kuznetsova monitor the state of her health. Due to a serious disease, the psychic must regularly endure a complex operation on his throat. Nicole is forced to go with a tracheotomy tube in his throat, as this device allows it to breathe. It turned out that the last surgery only worsened as the star of “the battle of psychics.”

“The doctor didn’t do the surgery. An hour of anesthesia, the deterioration of the current status of the survey, a very large amount of money spent and nothing. The best specialist in my particular disease turned out to be powerless before the devastation that struck me the doctors in Russia are outdated, clumsy methods. Maybe there’s a chance that one of the professors in Stuttgart will be able to make me a full reconstruction of the affected organ. You probably think I’m upset. Strangely enough, inside all empty. This is just one of the many doctors who gave the chance, and then mercilessly ripped the dream out of my soul… I am grateful to him that he was honest with us,” said Nicole followers.

Kuznetsova claims that because of the lack of oxygen she was very cold. Clairvoyant supports her loving husband. “Honestly, I am very sad and hurt. I’m mad at myself, it seems so simple – walk down the street, go eat at the cafe. And how much strength it takes! It’s a shame to lie under the blanket, as if hit by a possum on the roadside, when all the walking and taking pictures of landmarks. Itself convince, I would come here again and then I will be better and will visit all interesting places,” – says a “white” witch.

In addition to this the other day Nicole found out that her unsuccessful rhinoplasty. Now she is afraid of any event, which could injure the face. “Outwardly it is imperceptible and I was shocked to learn that my nose is actually lasts on the skin that is stretched from nose to tip. Any injury, and he may simply fail. I don’t know how this is possible? The doctor who did my Reno is very hyped, there were problems with the “upturned”, which he sort of decided. Decided due to the cartilage in the nose!”- outraged Nicole.