Nicole Kuznetsova shocked the special gifting of this son

Николь Кузнецова потрясена особым даром сына The finalist of “the battle of psychics” found the older heir to magical abilities. According to Nicole Kuznetsova, the boy was even able to foresee the birth of a brother. However, the white witch doesn’t want him doing stuff.

      Николь Кузнецова потрясена особым даром сына

      One of the finalists for the sixteenth “the battle of Psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova married, with two sons Egor and Stepan. The eldest heir of the white witch has to go to school.

      Kuznetsova said the “StarHit” that her son Yegor has already appeared a special gift to foresee the future, but she doesn’t want to grow up psychic. Recall that Nicole’s ability has been revealed after she survived two near-death in childhood.

      “Talent opened in two years, but then I didn’t take it seriously. For example, it is three years saw that I was pregnant with my brother when I about her pregnancy not even imagined,” admitted Kuznetsova.

      However, Nicole did not want her heir was engaged in extrasensory. “He goes to school and is not engaged in such nonsense. I try to be supportive, but not particularly approve of his fascination with mysticism,” explained the mysterious member the sixteenth battle.

      According to the psychic, the parents must learn to interpret the words of a child, which is sometimes unable to accurately describe your vision. Besides, the young extrasense do not know how to articulate what it is waiting for an adult, as I don’t know some words. “A talent for extrasensory perception – always congenital, hereditary. It is always such a powerful and unusual, so he is making headway. The role of education is very modest, as each psychic your way of communicating with higher powers. Parents can only from time to time to turn our attention a little psychic to someone’s problem. After all, clairvoyance is always a tough tension of spiritual forces. But children are selfish, and the incentive to delve into the Affairs of others they have not. Yes and no in their cheerful speech of the words to describe the suffering. If a child sees that a person on the verge of personal collapse, he could just say: uncle boring,” said Nicole.

      Despite the fact that the white witch treated hundreds of people with requests for help, she doesn’t want to connect Yegor to work with those who need magical intervention.

      “My son is helping me. When he’s ready to help others, I’m not going to keep him in the shade. People now addressed him questions, but so far I’m the only one to shift his answers in the language of adults. I’m happy because I are not alone in the afterlife. the soul of my son,” said the “StarHit” Kuznetsova.