Николь Кузнецова открыто заговорила о крупных скандалах на «Битве экстрасенсов» Psychic has shared his opinion regarding the high ratings of the scandalous TV show. She believes fans support parties because of their sincerity. The white witch also links the scandals of the transfer of its relevance with the audience.

Nicole Kuznetsov is considered one of the most prominent member of the show “Battle of psychics.” Despite the fact that in the sixteenth season she couldn’t win, the experts recognized the white witch incredibly powerful clairvoyant.

Nicole herself does not deny that participation in the program was a memorable event. However, the new seasons of project is invariably accompanied by scandals. So, Mikhail Porechenkov has repeatedly stated that he was disappointed in the known transmission. “There are people who tell you psychics correct answers, conclude contracts with them in advance. When everyone realized that someone brings the money – from that moment I went from there,” said the former host of the show.

Mikhail Porechenkov continues to expose the “Battle of psychics”

However, Nicole Kuznetsova takes a different point of view regarding the situation on the controversial show. The psychic is sure that the popularity of the project is justified.

“Fair fights are always in demand, and hence the “battle of the psychics” is doomed to success. They believe not only my eyes but also your heart and intuition. The scandals underscore that the project was popular,” said Kuznetsova.

Nicole says that among the participants of the popular program no all-powerful psychics. However, each of them has a unique talent, which attracts the interest of people. The white witch claims that among the “graduates” of the program there is open competition for customers, because people need different approaches to magic.

“Everyone needs the magician to a certain style. Some do not accept black magic, and the other hand of voodoo. Someone needs result at any cost, and someone is not ready to throw people of the tragedy. In General, the demand for psychics a lot. But in any case it’s still not the market, and the question of the gift, special opportunities,” shares his thoughts Kuznetsova.

The psychic convinced that in Russia and the CIS is still a lot of undiscovered talents that could change the idea of the psychic. However, due to the number of specialists clients have dazzled. The controversial show, according to Nicole, is helping me in all its glory to demonstrate the skills and approaches to the profession of each magician. That is why the program will still be relevant.

And yet, the controversial TV show has many critics among ordinary spectators, and among the stars. At the time, Nargiz Zakirova made strong comments about pravilnosti “the battle of psychics” . According to singer, in Russia there can be so many talented magicians and sorcerers, as so rare a gift is given not for everyone. In 2014 the artist was invited as a guest of the program, and then the ability of the participants impressed her. However, later the star changed her mind about what happened on the show.

Nargiz Zakirova spoke harshly about the “Battle of psychics”

Despite the numerous scandals surrounding the project, his popularity remains high, and soon fans awaiting the release of the new season. According to Nicole Kuznetsova, the show was still relevant, and most importantly, it can help people.

Recall, Nicole Kuznetsova was a finalist for the sixteenth season of “Battle of psychics”. The white witch managed to impress the brothers Safronov during the first test. But the audience was not unanimous. Many of them immediately believe in the ability of a clairvoyant, but there were those who blamed her lack of talent. In an interview with “TV” the witch admitted calmly to criticism, because of its popularity among the potential customers is growing every day.