Николь Кузнецова: «Муж продал машину, чтобы оплатить операцию» Clairvoyant underwent another surgery. Nicole Kuznetsov said that the family does not have enough funds to get her finished a difficult operation. She hopes for assistance of the Ministry of health.

The finalist of “the battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova underwent another operation on his throat. As admitted herself a witch, this is the 286-I account. Due to this surgery, the psychic was able to start breathing again. She is in a clinic in Germany, where very high prices for medical care. Her family is hoping for help from the state.

“Yesterday I had surgery, which in Russia do not, and use more invasive procedures are. Unfortunately, the result of a temporary condition and will gradually deteriorate, and as I and the doctors know. It is not a tragedy and not the fault of physicians, but a feature of my disease. In a month I plan to do a reconstruction of the affected organ, using my own tissue and a fragment of the rib. The operation is very expensive and without a quota from the state, unfortunately, our family couldn’t afford it. In order to pay for yesterday’s surgery, my husband was forced to sell the car. Hopefully he will not have to sell their kidney to pay for reconstructive surgery,” – said Kuznetsov.

The star of the TV show believes that if the Ministry of health of Russia will not be able to provide financial assistance, you’ll have to open a fundraiser. However, Nicole is psychologically difficult to ask money from people and fans. “I hope my husband will not have to sell their kidney to pay for reconstructive surgery, and we still get the quota,” shared Nicole.

Witch support her husband and two sons. Fans want Kuznetsova speedy recovery. Myself a young woman is not afraid of anesthesia and intervention of physicians, as many times passed through it. While what Nicole is going through, whether it is worthy of funds from the state.

“About quota things worse because I refused, and even kind of like anything is possible. But I was overwhelmed by a strong anxiety and pangs of conscience. Can’t shake the idea that can take the place of a more needy person, child, young moms or low-income youth. I think that someone needs this quota, that I don’t deserve her,” said Kuznetsova about experiences in microblogging.