Николь Кузнецова: «Дана Борисова продаст квартиру, если появится помощь со стороны» The finalist of “the battle of psychics” made a prediction about what will happen to a TV presenter. According to her, a lot depends entirely on most of This. In the end, celebrities will still be able to change their place of residence.
Николь Кузнецова: «Дана Борисова продаст квартиру, если появится помощь со стороны»

Dana Borisova continues to plead with her ex-husband for custody of the child, and also going to sell the apartment in one of Moscow’s elite LCD. Celebrity plans to move to another area to be closer to his daughter Pauline. The girl lives with her father.

Especially for the “StarHit” Nicole Kuznetsova, a finalist of one of seasons of “Battle of psychics”, made a forecast for Dana Borisova. According to her, This is now a time when created the best conditions in order to change your life.

“Such a chance will be no more. However, all of the coming months will require intense inner work, to which she is not accustomed. Despite the assistance of Dana waiting for mental crises and health problems: it will chase the feelings of inner emptiness and despair,” says Nicole.

According to clairvoyant, Dana will be able to overcome the crisis into which it fell, with a positive result. “However, the story is not over, and drugs can attract her entire life. The daughter will be able to sympathize with Dana, but only when you grow up and forgive his mother’s memories of his childhood,” – said Kuznetsov.

According to the forecast, Pauline will not inherit any harmful tendencies of This. Special influence on her has father, Maxim Aksenov.

With regard to the sale of housing Borisova, Nicole thinks the transaction will succeed.

“In This apartment there is no sacred “black mark” that it was impossible to sell. But this is not a matter of luck – it is a question of deliberate, intelligent action. And the apartment deal and the move will take place, but only under one condition: if Dana will receive active assistance from the side. And while it is not forgotten, such assistants will be. However, may later regret that took up this case”, – explained ex-participant of “Battle of psychics”.

We will remind, some time ago Dana Borisova encountered difficulties. Teachers of the school, where has her daughter, refuses to speak with her. “This conflicts with the teachers who create obstacles, and did not provide information about the child. Once it was Given staged daughter to school, and now it’s ignored. If Dana asks how much it is possible to collect Pauline after school, she do not talk about it – shared the lawyer of the TV presenter Lika, Chichiashvili. – We plan to deal with the situation. We all have challenges, but that does not mean that the mother has no right to know how daughter.”The teacher’s daughter Dana Borisova ignore her requests