Nicole Kuznetsova came true for imitation of Marilyn Kerro

Николь Кузнецова оправдалась за подражание Мэрилин Керро Clairvoyant turned to the fans. Nicole Kuznetsova with humor responded to possible accusations. Fans of the finalists of the “battle of the psychics” were quick to note that she is incredibly good in hats.

Nicole Smith and Marilyn Kerro was found in the 16th season of the popular program “the Battle of psychics.” They were considered one of the strongest heroines in the project. They tried to demonstrate their abilities in competitions, but Kuznetsov took the third place, and Kerro – the second.

Some say that Nicole and Marilyn are very similar – they have delicate features and bright red hair. And recently, Kuznetsova decided to wear hats – this accessory often complements the image of kerro. The young woman hastened to make excuses for possible charges in imitation of his colleague on the project “Battle of psychics.”

“Fu, under Kerro decimated. As far as I know hats her patent, and royalties received Mary, don’t worry,” wrote Smith.

The fans decided to protect his favourite, and made her a lot of compliments – they said hat they. Fans noted that this accessory was not something unique, than could be used only by Kerro.

“Now anyone hat not to wear?! Respect her and think she’s totally fine. And Nicole in the hat, beautiful!” “Nicole has enough for its unsurpassed individuality and beauty, she doesn’t need for someone to mow! All men wear shoes, coats, bags, and lo and behold, even the hat!”, “Very nice and stylish, and everyone who writes bad things is only out of envy! You’re glowing soul, and it is transmitted even at a distance, always stay like this!” – wrote followers.

Nicole Kuznetsova admitted that not mine and tries to go his own way. She told me “StarHit” that after participation in the program “Battle of psychics” to have no contact with colleagues. Nicole Kuznetsova about a serious illness: “I Thank God that it’s not cancer”

“With psychics, I do not socialise and make friends. I have a narrow circle, it is virtually impossible to get. Participants of “Battle of psychics” can communicate, but not close friends. Consider yourself a self-contained unit that does not need mentors, ideals, and idols,” admitted psychic.

Not so long ago Nicole Kuznetsov dared to plastic surgery is the psychic corrected the shape of the nose. To some fans she was like a famous Latin American actress Natalia Oreiro.