Николь Кузнецова об отношениях Гуфа и Кети Топурия: «Между ними мало общего» The star of “the battle of psychics” made a prediction for the singer and rapper. Some time ago, Gough has laid out a joint picture with Katie. The fans decided that the couple is no longer hiding the relationship. Nicole said he is waiting for artists.
Николь Кузнецова об отношениях Гуфа и Кети Топурия: «Между ними мало общего»

Keti Topuria and Guf for a long time concealed that they spend a lot of time together. Despite the rumors that spread in the Network, the actors never confessed his connection. However, a little over a week ago, the rapper shared a joint frame with the singer of A’studio. They say that the stars live together in a suburban home Gufa. The footage in the Instagram stars taken on the same background, warmed up the talk about their romance.

The star of “the battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova made a forecast for the artists. According to clairvoyant, Gough and Katie – absolutely different people.

“Between Katie and Alex little in common and the common future they do not expect. The relationship between the young people involved on anything from sympathy to PR. But that’s not what each of them calls the word “Love.” For both of them meeting their halves are a thing of the past, and both know about it. As creative people, prone to outrageous, they have created the appearance of a romantic history of the blue. But the friendship between them is possible, as Katie and Alex understand the most problematic side each other, and therefore, I can say something in a moment of crisis,” – said Nicole.

According to Kuznetsova, from Gufa and Katie more a friendly relationship than a romantic one. Besides being happy they interfere with the memories of former spouses.

“For girls, the husband will remain forever and be happy, and wound. With him she got what did not belong to her, and lost what it was meant for her. In this relationship she will understand until the end of his days. Their Union not collapsed, even though it seems otherwise. Well, the Guf since childhood was linked to a powerful spiritual connection with her mother. And parting with any woman not able to break his heart: he will go through life without looking back,” explained Kuznetsov.

By the way, ISA is still angry at Gufa for some things that happened in their relationship. “I don’t need the hit, I don’t need this new Supreme and Louis Vuitton. I don’t need to offer you the world, no one wants you, like your new album. You touched my and crossed the line, that dirty song you’ll never get away with it. I only care about my family” – such a text in disse Anokhina, where she met rapper to criticism of her family.