Nicole Kuznetsova about a serious illness: “I Thank God that it’s not cancer”

Николь Кузнецова о тяжелой болезни: «Благодарю Бога, что это не рак» Finalist the sixteenth “the battle of psychics” told about numerous surgeries. Nicole Kuznetsova is forced to life to be observed by the doctors. According to her, medical procedure, help her not choke and allow you to retain the ability to speak.

      Николь Кузнецова о тяжелой болезни: «Благодарю Бога, что это не рак»

      Finalist the sixteenth “the battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova has won recognition among the people for his kindness and sincerity. It leads private parties, which helps people in matters related to the welfare of the family, career and health. Besides, Nicole has two adorable sons, Egor and Stepan, which is trying to raise a proper gentleman. Kuznetsova spoke with “StarHit” and spoke about the vital operations and that what is taught in the courses of magic.

      Nicole we follow your life after participating in “the Battle of psychics.” You do not stop on the streets, people asking to solve their issues?
      Николь Кузнецова о тяжелой болезни: «Благодарю Бога, что это не рак»It happens, of course. But on the street I don’t work, so I have personal techniques, people recorded there. If there is a request to autograph or be photographed, of course I don’t deny them.

      A large flow of letters comes to you in the mail? We recently saw you post on Instagram, which you were given to understand that you are annoyed such a flow of requests…
      Николь Кузнецова о тяжелой болезни: «Благодарю Бога, что это не рак»At the moment when I published this post, I had a tough time. Then I just had a surgery and needed the support. See, there’s my job, and it is paid. I don’t give advice on friendship. When a man comes to me, he knows what he wants to. I never say how to do it. Higher powers always provide a requesting client scenarios. About the work done I don’t regret, I come with a soul to everyone. It therefore takes a lot of energy, and when they are exhausted, and the requests for assistance continue to come in, it makes me hard. That’s all I wanted to say to his followers in the same post. —
      When you have just opened the gift of clairvoyance, was it difficult to accept it?
      Николь Кузнецова о тяжелой болезни: «Благодарю Бога, что это не рак»The gift I had since birth, there was no illumination. I always saw something, felt it was a very odd child. I see death, I see the disease of the dead. Gradually I managed to learn to block out the visions and sensations. As a child I could not control this power and tried not to talk about it.

      Why did you decide to go to “Battle of Psychics”? Want national recognition?
      Николь Кузнецова о тяжелой болезни: «Благодарю Бога, что это не рак»Participation in the “Battle of psychics” – it’s a credit to my Director. I am not eager. He wrote for the program a letter about a talented witch, told them about me and made my pictures. Me he already put before the fact – said that I was already invited. Since I’m a desperate man, I had a dream of going to “the Psychics lead the investigation”, so I decided to go to battle. —
      With someone from colleagues in the “Battle of psychics” do you communicate?
      Николь Кузнецова о тяжелой болезни: «Благодарю Бога, что это не рак»With psychics, I do not socialise and make friends. I have a narrow circle, it is virtually impossible to get. Participants of “Battle of psychics” can communicate, but not close friends. Consider yourself a self-contained unit that does not need mentors, ideals, idols.—
      Can you tell me what they teach people on your course? What can people finished them?
      Николь Кузнецова о тяжелой болезни: «Благодарю Бога, что это не рак»In magic people come with an already innate abilities. First, every student of mine passes the rite of passage, in which he becomes part of a single organism that works to benefit people. For those who have abilities, we have designed educational courses. Classes are taught by my students. I don’t teach, but I managed, not possessing speaking abilities, to teach them throughout the most important. The course “Energy Balance, chakra system” aimed at opening the female energy. My personal achievement: two students who have had trouble conceiving children, have pleased me with your pregnancy. This is my most important award.

      You also sell various accessories and trinkets that make with their hands. Whether these charms have changed people’s lives?
      Николь Кузнецова о тяжелой болезни: «Благодарю Бога, что это не рак»I have been thinking through what form to convey to people who are unable to come to me, part of my magic work. I speak charms by photo and date of birth, I have no such, which are sold to the masses and suitable for everyone. I own hands they collected. The ones that I work with, very well absorb the program I asked. When a person wears the bracelet, she runs. The client chooses what he wants to plot: love, career, financial stability, or perhaps even pregnancy.—
      You have recently had 217 points operation. How do you feel? Is there any improvement?
      Николь Кузнецова о тяжелой болезни: «Благодарю Бога, что это не рак»Every time I hard recovering from operations, it is for me now the moral test. After them I cry as I drive home, because I feel that they would never end. But I understand that without them, simply can not. This is the only way to maintain this lifestyle that I lead, not being attached to the hospital walls. They give me a breath of living air. Without the surgery, I suffer from hypoxia. Sometimes I’m just waiting for this, because without them I can neither speak nor breathe. For me, even climbing the stairs in the entrance becomes a challenge. I’m glad that while you can correct my condition, although I have precancerous the extent of the disease, and every time I thank the Lord that it’s not cancer. —
      Tell us about your children. Egor has to go to school, Stepan recently started kindergarten. Who in your family is stricter applies to children: you or your spouse?
      Николь Кузнецова о тяжелой болезни: «Благодарю Бога, что это не рак»My oldest son goes to third grade. He has psychic abilities as me, but he is also disabled from childhood. On my right arm, and she was devoted to children. It says that Egor is my life, hope is my strength. They make me stronger. Every year children grow up, and I become happier. Sons are very obedient, in the morning alone and go walk the dog. They help me to get out, to go to the store, help all folded, open the door… they will all become true men. In matters of education, I still very strict mother, which tends to punish the kids.

      How did you meet your husband? He made you an offer? If you are jealous towards other men, because you have a lot of fans.
      Николь Кузнецова о тяжелой болезни: «Благодарю Бога, что это не рак»He proposed to me at night, I was waiting for something enchanting, and it so happened… still can’t forgiven him. Me he is never jealous, we trust each other. I never sorrowful spouse, not to allow myself to bring home flowers from another man. —
      You have many friends?
      I have only one friend and my husband. You can say that my friend is my ex-husband, the father of the eldest son. Yegor is his name and patronymic. These three individuals are always present in my life. Overall I’m actually seriously afraid of people. Even go shopping with just mom or spouse.