Nicole Kuznetsov, fled with his family to the Dominican Republic

Николь Кузнецова сбежала с семьей в Доминикану The star of “the battle of psychics” spends the new year holidays on the coast of the Caribbean sea. Nicole Kuznetsova resting there with her two sons and her husband. The witch revealed “StarHit” that takes you on a trip.
Николь Кузнецова сбежала с семьей в Доминикану

Nicole Kuznetsova remembered by the audience of the project “Battle of psychics” not only their abilities, but also an unusual appearance. The white witch said “StarHit” that takes a long journey. Also, Nicole has discovered the secret of the ideal figure.

“The trip in the first place, we check the Bank cards, passports, and medications for the older patient son. Everything else you can always buy. I can say that never take on vacation. I’m not going to dinner in a ridiculous evening dresses and heels,” said Kuznetsova. According to witches, compatriots often look silly when wearing a luxury dress in public restaurant or to a party at the hotel.

“Makeup, too, by the way, Hairdryers and Curling irons do not work in the Dominican Republic due to the difference in the voltage sockets. Consistently take a full first aid kit for kids, if you stay with them. But now we took everything except the most important – and activated charcoal tablets in case of poisoning. And what happened unfortunately? Junior Steve last night felt sick all night vomiting. At Breakfast I met a student of his school, which is also vacationing with friends in our hotel, they removed the Step all coal reserves and gastric medications,” shared Nicole.
Николь Кузнецова сбежала с семьей в Доминикану
Николь Кузнецова сбежала с семьей в Доминикану

According to the witch, her son Stepan took activated charcoal and it became much easier. “Mutual compatriot on holiday is priceless. Due to this faster Stepan suffered a severe condition,” said Kuznetsova.

According to the witches, elegant and weekend things are better left at home, and on vacation to go light. Sunscreen, rubber rings, balls best place to buy on the spot. “All the family members for a minimum of things – the comfortable t-shirt, shorts and shoes,” said Nicole.

Fans of the star of the show “Battle of psychics” was worried about the physical condition of the white witch. Many fans believed that Nicole suffers from anorexia. The witch dispelled the rumors about his health today.

“Before the birth of the eldest son of my weight, was 52-55 kg Immediately after birth without dieting and loads I lost to 42-45 kg. So for almost 10 years. On any special diets I do not sit and eat meat. Due to the state of health in the gym don’t go and even ordinary climbing stairs at the entrance – for me an ordeal. I know that often I hear from people who see me for the first time? “Nicole, I love you more!”. Until now, these statements make me smile – people forget that television significantly increases human and in life all are much lower and slimmer. And if you go back to my eating habits, I do eat a little, do not like sweets and bread, don’t drink alcohol and don’t eat fried potatoes at night”, – said Kuznetsova
Николь Кузнецова сбежала с семьей в Доминикану

The witch added that because of the monthly operations and heavy therapy, she did not eat. However, after rehabilitation Kuznetsova resumed the old diet.

“Like fruit, vegetables, meat and fresh juices. But for exotic or ethnic food won’t even touch it. About any exhaustion even. The doctors who treat me, not worried about my weight. About anorexia, I want to note that this is, primarily, a severe mental disorder. I think statements about this illness in my address – an insult,” said Nicole.