Nicole Kuznetsov explained why rapidly lose weight

Николь Кузнецова объяснила, почему стремительно теряет вес Fans of the stars of “Battle of psychics” is concerned about her appearance. Many have decided that clairvoyant suffers from anorexia, while others considered that such a dramatic weight loss result in serious emotional distress.

      Николь Кузнецова объяснила, почему стремительно теряет вес

      The sixteenth participant in the “Battle of psychics” with the growth of 165 centimeters and weighs 42 kilograms. Subscribers are literally covered with messages in social networks with questions like, “Nicole, you are so much thinner. Are you all right?”, “Immediately I noticed how you lost a lot of weight. You tell us how?!”, “Nicole, how are you, how are you feeling?”

      She psychic on multiple charges in the pursuit of a slender body a long time did not meet anything. Day after day members Nicole in social networks all the more fanned the extent of the problem and spread rumors about anorexia Kuznetsova in the fan communities. “StarHit” associated with the red-haired witch and find out what is actually connected such rapid weight loss.

      Nicole Kuznetsova about a serious illness: “I Thank God that it’s not cancer”

      “Really, the last time I lost weight dramatically, – shares with “StarHit” the psychic. Now I weigh 42 kilograms with growth of 165 centimeters. But none of what anorexia can not be considered. The reason is that every month I go through the operation. Today I went through 219, and that certainly affects my body. However, to give up I’m not going!”
      Николь Кузнецова объяснила, почему стремительно теряет вес

      The finalist of “the battle of psychics” noted that anorexia is a symptom of severe psychological diseases. She, of course, have something to worry about, but severe thinness is not in hard diets. Moreover, the woman strongly recommends not to build a thinness in the cult.

      Николь Кузнецова объяснила, почему стремительно теряет вес

      “During a postoperative period for a long time being restored, follow a certain diet. But my diet consists of meat, fish and everything you need. Replace sweet fruits – again, not in pursuit of a slender figure. I and my children eat only homemade food, no processed or soda from the store.”

      Nicole has two sons. The eldest son Egor goes to the third grade. As told the participant of “Battle of psychics”, he has psychic abilities, to reveal that he will in the future. Nicole admitted that in matters of education it is a very strict mother and can severely punish children.