Nicole Kuznetsov after the plastic compared with Natalia Oreiro

Николь Кузнецову после пластики сравнили с Натальей Орейро Psychic plaster removed and gladly showed off a new nose. Clairvoyant happy with the result and waits for the end of the rehabilitation period. Fans noted that Nicole Kuznetsova became even more remind them Argentine actress Natalia Oreiro.

      Finalist of the 16th season of the popular TV show “Battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova constantly have to appeal to surgeons to maintain the health of the psychic breathes through the tracheotomy tube in his throat. Nicole Kuznetsova about a serious illness: “I Thank God that it’s not cancer”

      Recently, Kuznetsova was forced to do a nose job for medical reasons. The psychic decided to change it a little shape. Before she had the cast removed and was able to demonstrate the impact of a plastic surgeon. Fans were delighted by the appearance of Nicole, and some even found similarities with the world famous Argentine singer and actress Natalia Oreiro.

      “You, by the way, similar to my favorite Natalia Oreiro! And nose now too,” “yeah, I… Become like you are on Natalia Oreiro!”, “Always noticed that you look like my favorite Natalia Oreiro, now you become more like her”, “Like you were fine, and left. The nose is done perfectly! The main thing is not formulaic! And now all with the same go!” – wrote fans.

      Nicole gladly shares his impressions of plastic surgery. It does not seek to mislead their followers, telling only about the advantages of transformation. Also, the psychic shares the problems encountered in the process of rehabilitation and asking advice from those who may have experienced similar situations.

      “A little while my nose you the tape… he definitely looks good. I wanted to ask. Friends who did the Reno or broken nose? When asleep you have swelling and than smeared? While you can safely call me the avatar. In reality similar. Waiting for your tips!” asked Kuznetsov.

      Many fans were quick to share their experiences and said that they helped to overcome the effects of surgery.

      Now Nicole has returned to work, despite the fact that just a week ago, was lying on the operating table. Apparently, the family Kuznetsova left in awe of the doctor, who was able to fix the nose a psychic. Nicole admitted that beloved husband making fun of her looks.

      “The bruises are still there, swollen nose (favorite says he does not understand what I am like. Two options: fly or Buffalo). In General, the nose, though swollen and hard, I like it very much. Neat little one that will soon be quite similar to human beautiful nose! Nothing hurts, breathing is free, there is no blood. Such is the story of the first day of life without the cast of my new nose”, – said Kuznetsova.