Nicole Kidman with her husband sang a duet

Николь Кидман спела с мужем дуэтом

More precisely, starred in a rather unusual karaoke video from Keith urban.

The clip appeared on YouTube channel of Australian singer – apparently, so Nicole is helping to promote a new album wife “Ripcord”, which was published a week ago. Progress, admittedly, was very nice: since the wedding of this pair of famous Australians was nearly 10 years, however, judging by the video, they are still in love with each other.

In the video a couple is sitting in the car, Keith includes his new song “The Fighter”, and Nicole says, “Oh, my God! I love this song!” And then the couple sing along (original female sang Carrie underwood), and Nicole asks: “if I pay you?”, what Keith swears he will never bring her to tears, adding: “You’re beautiful!” then Nicole funny hesitate.

Nicole and Keith (they are now 48 years old) met in 2005, in June 2006, the couple already got married in Sydney. Now they have two daughters – 5-year-old faith and 7-year-old Sunday. Nicole also has a 21-year-old son Connor and 23-year-old daughter Bella from Tom cruise, for whom the actress was married from 1990 to 2001.

In a recent interview with CBS urban said: “the Meeting with Nicole and the subsequent wedding – in this moment my life began. It wasn’t a change in my life, it was – literally – the moment when life began”.

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