Nicole Kidman wants to leave a loved one

Николь Кидман хочет уйти от любимого The actress has reached a crisis in relations with Keith urban. According to Nicole Kidman, between them is no more the passion and interest to each other, a few years ago. Movie star hopes that the situation will be corrected, or she would have to think about divorce.

      Николь Кидман хочет уйти от любимого

      According to foreign media reports, Hollywood star Nicole Kidman is on the verge of divorce. Surrounded by the actress talked about the fact that she had difficulties in relationships with her husband, musician Keith urban. Spouse Kidman never got to see his beloved during her her promotional tour to mark the release of the painting “lion”. Star cinema is, but hopes to improve relations in the family after returning from a trip.

      “Nicole thinks of them with Keith spent Iskra, and very concerned about this. She hopes that her husband will miss her while she travels across Europe in the framework of her promo tour, new movie “lion”. However, sad as it may be, it does not exclude another variant of development of events – divorce,” told the insider to one of the foreign editions.

      According to friends of the actress and the musician in the family recently constantly there are quarrels. The meeting of Nicole and Keith over the scandals. Some tabloids claim that urban tired from excessive control of the wife.

      Hollywood stars have been married for about 10 years. The spectacular actress has admitted that Keith helped her to forget the heavy relationship with Tom cruise. According to Nicole, she fell in love with a sexy rocker with a glance. The couple has two daughters Sunday rose and faith Margaret. “After the divorce with Tom, I could not start a new relationship. Even when it survived the crisis of growing up. We began seriously Dating a whale, only two years after Dating. I was just incapable of close contact… But it’s all in the kit! I feel it as a denial of any alarms as permanent protection – although I am not in danger”, said Nicole about a year ago.

      Fans of the actress hope that it will be able to save the marriage, because in recent years the number of divorces among the stars increased. By the way, the ex-spouse Kidman, Tom cruise was never able to find happiness in marriage. With third wife Katie Holmes, he also got divorced.