Nicole Kidman still says marriage with Tom cruise

Николь Кидман до сих пор вспоминает брак с Томом Крузом

In the distant 1990, the year Nicole Kidman and Tom cruise were a couple. Then the actors were married, which, they believed, was to last until the end of their life. But unfortunately did not happen: in 2001, it became known that the family is falling apart. The fans were shocked. However, and Nicole herself didn’t think about this outcome. But now, after 16 years, Nicole says that it was expected as married cruise she went as a child (at age 23) and 27 became the mother of two children (adoption).

“Look back — what? Divorce is the saddest time of my life. I never felt so alone,” says Nicole, Recalling that when in 2003 she received the “Oscar” for the film “the Hours”, she doesn’t even have anyone to share the joy: “It was at that moment why-that especially sharply realized how much grief and sadness accumulated in me during the marriage and how terribly lonely to me now.”