Николь Кидман рассказала о своей тайной помолвке с Ленни Кравицем
The actress made an unexpected confession.

Николь Кидман рассказала о своей тайной помолвке с Ленни Кравицем

Nicole Kidman


Lenny Kravitz


Recently Nicole Kidman was surprised and
puzzled their fans. During his recent interview, the actress suddenly
admitted that during the brief “pause” between her marriage with Tom cruise and
a second marriage for Keith urban, it had to happen one,
and very serious romance with lenny Kravitzes. Moreover, is it not
just met with the musician, and was with him officially engaged and seriously
was going to marry him! About it reported the Internet-the edition contactmusic.com.

This statement so struck all,
first of all, because even the affair, Kidman and Kravitz knew almost
no one else. Everyone thought they were just good friends. As the pair
occasionally, they appeared together in the light, still went vague rumors that
Nicole and lenny bind much more hot feeling. But both are strongly
denied the existence between them of a romantic relationship.

No less than the story of the engagement
Kidman surprised her fans because this love story happened just
two years after her divorce from cruise. And because it was believed that at that time the actress
there was no time for romance because she was in severe depression after the crash
her marriage with Tom, who, among other things, also took away her the two of them
adopted children — Isabella and Connor…

As for the circumstances
where surfaced the story, it happened almost by accident. When
Kidman was asked how she worked with a young actress Zoe Kravitz, daughter of lenny
from his former marriage, with whom she starred in the new series “Big little
lie,” Nicole said, “Fine! We had no problems, because we are almost a family!” And, seeing the confusion
reporter, said: “Well, I’ve know Zoe, I was engaged to her
father. But we both were not ready then to take the plunge…”