Nicole Kidman is preparing to divorce with Keith urban

Николь Кидман готовится к разводу с Китом Урбаном
The actress began to consult a lawyer.

Николь Кидман готовится к разводу с Китом Урбаном

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban


Nicole Kidman, who has lived in lawful marriage with Keith urban 12
years, close to to begin the formal divorce process. The actress has already moved into action: it has begun consultations with renowned
a divorce lawyer — Jonathan Wolfe. The lawyer became famous in
particular, the fact that when he defended the interests of Katie Holmes in her divorce
the process with Tom cruise, he managed to get Katie sole custody of
daughter Suri. Kidman hopes that he will help her regain custody of
her two children — 9-year-old sandy rose and 7-year-old faith Margaret, which took
and gave birth to her surrogate mother.

The rumors that urban changes, Kidman, go for a long time. Paparazzi not
once filmed him in the company of beauties with whom he had Affairs. And
he had to fix his attention on the colleagues on show-to business
and in simple fans. So, in 2015 the reporter has learned that during
the tour, in the trailer of the whale visited the young singer Kelsey
Ballerini. Later, paparazzi caught him in Las Vegas with a 22-year-old Sierra
Black. But the scandal made
photos of Urbana, made when he went out in the morning from the hotel in San Francisco with
a very young fan. And recently at a concert it is “caught” on
that he first invited some of his redheaded groupie and
then, trying to do it quietly, took her to himself backstage.

However, Kidman for a long time patiently forgave her husband and the father of her adorable daughters. Nicole,
which is very hard going through a divorce with
first husband Tom cruise held
in 2001, year, wanted, at whatever cost, to save your second marriage with Keith. But now, it seems, and her patience came to an end.

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban’s daughters faith Margaret and sandy rose