Nicole Kidman hurt their children

Николь Кидман обидела своих детей
The husband of the actress staged her public showdown

Николь Кидман обидела своих детей

Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman, awarded this year’s honorary telenergy “Amy”, many journalists
called the Queen of the ceremony — so Kidman was stunning in its spectacular
a bright red dress from Calvin Klein. But
behavior Nicole and her speech, which she gave upon receiving the award,
made many not very positive impression.

The fact that Nicole managed for
a few minutes she was on stage, twice. For the first time
when, instead of formally “peck” on the cheek of Alexander Skarsgard his
a colleague on the series “Little big lies,” for which she received the award, the actress allowed herself to kiss him on the lips. Moreover, this kiss lasted clearly longer
it should have been. Camera cameramen, broadcasting the ceremony showed this
time husband of the actress — Keith urban — his face “turned to stone”. And later, at the party,
following the ceremony, according to witnesses, between the spouses occurred
extremely violent showdown. However,
detractors Urbana decided that Keith often gives my wife a reason to
jealousy, got what he deserved.

What cartridges of the second miss Nicole,
she admitted that evening, it produced a no less impressive. Case
that the actress said from the stage that he dedicated his victory to the children from China — 9-year-old
Sandy rose and 6-year-old faith Margaret. But on his other two “children”, which
she was raised at the time with her first husband Tom cruise, she doesn’t even
mentioned! In the end, foster daughter and son, Kidman Bella and Connor terribly
offended. As told girlfriend Bella, and she and her brother felt
humiliated — because it looked like the actress other children just

Nicole Kidman with kids