Николь Кидман приписывают роман с Колином Фарреллом
Keith urban kicking herself jealous.

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban

Photo: Splash News/East news

that the marriage of Nicole Kidman and Keith
Urbana is not the best way, go for a long time. Last year, when Nicole
refused to go to the funeral of Keith’s father, these suspicions received additional reinforcements. But now the situation is just
threatening if used in the problems of couples blamed only
Keith, now “guilty” Nicole, the actress struck up a flirtation with another man. This was announced
the Internet site cеlebdirtylaundry.com.

This story
started, even when Kidman was about to film “to Kill a sacred
deer.” After learning that her partner will become quite the ladies ‘ man Colin Farrell,
Keith got nervous and tried to dissuade the wife from participation in this
project. Usually compliant but Nicole refused to give up than
very puzzled Urbana.

And here
now, when filming is in full swing, before the whale began to hear rumors about
the fact that Kidman has fallen victim to the charm of Farrell. How to claim
witnesses, Nicole and Colin are very close and spend a lot of time together not
only on the set, but beyond!

They say
Urban was just beside himself with jealousy. Now he is definitely “ulitsa” tears Nicole
she has shed over the years of marriage with urban, not
passing any pretty girl. Once the paparazzi even
caught him with one of the beauties, when they are in an embrace was out of the hotel.

Stand it
long-suffering marriage of Keith and Nicole new turn of events, time will tell.
Perhaps they still want to keep the family together at least for the sake of her daughters – eight-year-old Sunday rose and
five year old faith Margaret.

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