Nicole Kidman has become the object of ridicule in the Network

Николь Кидман стала объектом высмеивания в Сети

89-th award ceremony “Oscar” was not without incident. That only is the random announcement of the film “La La land” the winner in the category “Best film” at the time, when really was the best picture “Moonlight”. This situation is still being discussed by Network users, as well, and one of the stars of Hollywood, which drew the attention of the audience with strange actions. We are talking about Nicole Kidman.

The audience noticed that Nicole was different from everyone in the room an unusual way to applaud – instead of use for this brush completely and naturally to strike the hands together, Nicole just clapped hands, while arching the fingers in the opposite direction.

“Look, Nicole Kidman’s clapping like a seal!”, “What’s with her arms?”, “Why Nicole can’t clap like a normal person” — write in social networks, witty users. In principle we are asking the question. It is very strange actions looked Kidman, especially when she was on camera. the arms seemed disproportionately long, and really resembled the flippers of a marine animal.