Николь Кидман отомстила неверному супругу
The actress made a “significant flirt”.

Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman, who celebrated this summer its
50th birthday seems to have found a way to get even with your spouse, constantly
exciting affair on the side. The other day,
at a social event held in Los Angeles, Nicole allowed herself to
site to flirt with cute Australian Garth Davis.

Kidman staged their “show” during the party, dedicated
to complete the work on the next episode of the TV show “The Top Of The Lake” where Nicole played one of the roles, and
Davis became a Director. The assurances of the guests at the event, Nicole, which
apparently deliberately drank too many cocktails, all night
moved away from Garth and openly flirted with him. Kidman and Davis were holding hands
and gently looked each other in the eye…

Incidentally, although Davis and Kidman are already quite familiar
long ago (that Garth has shot a film “lion”, which was nominated this year for “Oscar”),
before one of my colleagues did not notice any hint of romance
actress and Director. As decided by the fans of the actress, with the help of his “demonstration
flirting” Nicole just decided to get even with her husband Keith urban,
which has repeatedly accused of Affairs with
different beauties, because recently he again gave rise to accusations of
infidelity. This time he could not resist her fan. Witnesses
argue that saw a certain red-haired girl sitting in the hall in one
of his concerts, after the show, got backstage, and was admitted to
dressing Urbana, where he stayed for a long time. Now as Keith, who married Nicole in 2006, will respond to the response
his wife, time will tell.