Nicole Kidman got rid of silicone breast implants

Николь Кидман избавилась от силиконовых имплантатов груди

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman was for many years a woman-dream, and over time, wanting to prolong her youth, the actress, like many of her colleagues turned to a plastic surgeon. A few years ago, the star of the films “Moulin Rouge” surprised fans suddenly larger chest, but curvy now become her nightmare.

Insiders claim that Nicole turned to a plastic surgeon with a demand to remove the implants from her chest because she is afraid that the toxic contents could cost her her life.
“She no longer wants to have something toxic and potentially dangerous was in her body. Recently Nicole was worried constantly. She can’t afford to have her two daughters left without a mother, wants to see them grow up, get married, give birth to children.” — said buddy Nicole. Delivered 49-year-old Kidman from silicone implants Dr. Anthony Yang.
“Nicole has got rid of the implants. Her breast size decreased markedly, but the worse did not look” — said the doctor.
Recall that Nicole wanted to have eight-year-old Sunday rose, the five-year faith got a sister or brother, but despite a great desire to have a large family, they did with Keith urban failed. Now the couple is thinking about adoption of a little orphan from India.