Николь Кидман объяснила свое  странное поведение на «Оскаре»
The actress revealed the secret of his “seal flippers”.

Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman has finally explained why so weird
applauded during the Oscars. The audience watching
the TV coverage could not pay attention to the fact that the actress was applauded
not the palms and wrists…, mannered
arching the fingers! As a result, the users of the Network
bombarded the actress with derision. Nicole was accused of neglect
decorum, saw in her actions the arrogance and disrespect to the nominees. And
some wrote that Kidman that night was like tulenko, chlopakow their

“I knew that everyone will
to ask why is Kidman so applauded? I really wanted to clap normally
but it was almost impossible for the ring. I was afraid to damage it!” —
the actress confessed during one of his recent interviews. It turned out that
49-year-old Nicole rented a very beautiful but fragile ring from Harry Winston
embellished with diamonds, weighing 14 carats. The actress was afraid to hit it on a ring on his other hand. This was reported online edition of dailymail.co.uk.

Night, when the ceremony took place, was for
Kidman is a real challenge and apart from problems with the ring. Nicole, as always impeccably elegant, had to be nervous and even over dresses. In the beginning
in the evening, her luxurious attire, burst one of crossed back straps.
Fortunately, Nicole managed to hold the hand striving to slip off her dress,
and then somehow managed to tie straps at the neck.