Nicole Kidman embarrassed Keith Harrington

Николь Кидман опозорила Кита Харрингтона
The actress put a star of “Game of thrones” in a very awkward position.

Николь Кидман опозорила Кита Харрингтона

Nicole Kidman


During a recent transfer of American
television – The Late Late Show,
participating Nicole Kidman brought another guest of the show — Keith
Harrington in extreme embarrassment. Due to the seemingly innocent question, Nicole, star
“Game of thrones” had to be justified…This story appeared on the website

It all started with that kit
decided to boast of their achievements in personal life. Harrington said that
his longtime girlfriend rose Leslie moved into his house. “Now I absolutely
happy — because I live with my beloved, which, moreover, is my
best friend!” he said. What Nicole reacted quite unexpectedly:
“Of course it is great that you live together. But when you’re finally on it
getting married? Before you settle her into your house, they could at least make her
offer! Don’t get me wrong, I care about rose!” — she reprimanded a 30-year-old
actor Kidman, who in a few weeks will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Hearing that from his
senior colleagues, Keith was terribly embarrassed and blushed as cancer. And then began
inconsistent excuses: “Oh, she Nicole Kidman urged me to answer. We
get married, of course… But we are moving that direction little by little, step by step… rose
very important to me! You know, she was the only person in the world
I trust your secret when everyone thought that my series character, John
Snow died… ” he muttered.

In fact, the whale was
more than enough time to “come on” in his relationship with rose.
Recall that according to rumors, a novel by Leslie and
Harrington started back in 2012 when they starred in “Game of thrones”.
And last year, Keith has officially admitted his relationship with Leslie.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Harrington