Nicole Kidman can’t forget Tom cruise

Николь Кидман не может забыть Тома Круза
The actress remembered again how serious mental trauma caused her divorce with her first husband.

Nicole Kidman and Tom cruise


The last time Nicole Kidman often recalls her ex-husband Tom cruise. Perhaps she’s the only Hollywood stars who are not shy to admit that divorce for her was a nightmare.

“I’ll never forget Tom, though, and no regrets, says Nicole. — But I consider it tactless to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your first marriage, let alone conduct a comparative analysis with her second husband — out of respect for Keith (Now Nicole is married to musician Keith urban). I was just a child when she married. Looking back — what? At age 23, became his wife, and at 27 was already a mother of two children. The current young women is difficult to understand. Divorce is the saddest time in my life. I never felt so alone. I remember standing with the Golden statuette in his hands on stage (Kidman received an Oscar for the role of the writer Virginia Woolf in “the Hours” in 2003. — Approx. ed.) and it was at that moment why-that especially sharply realized how much grief and sadness accumulated in me during the marriage and how terribly lonely I am now. “Oscar” as the culmination of my failure in the relationship… on the one hand, extremely honorable award assessment of my acting work, with the other being the realization that no one with whom to share, share this event”.

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