Nicole Kidman broke up with husband

Николь Кидман разошлась с мужем
The couple is preparing to start divorce proceedings.

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban


became known, Nicole Kidman for some time now lives separately from
my husband, country singer Keith urban. And
although the official announcement of the divorce process is not yet
followed, the couple has, at least, two months did not see each other. About
this was announced by the Australian edition of Woman’s Day Magazine.

the message is extremely upset fans of Kidman, because once Nicole and Keith
it seemed the perfect fit. Not to mention the fact that they grow up
charming daughters — 8-year-old rose and 5-year-old faith Margaret, and the children, as
it is known to suffer most from conflicts and divorces. However, it’s quite
long ago it became clear that the best times in family life Nicole and Keith stayed in
the distant past.

blow, undermine trust Kidman to her husband, became his breakdown, which occurred a few
4 months after the wedding. Then urban, who had sworn to my wife I will stop drinking,
left in a spree that was forced to go to the hospital. And although since then he is more
did not allow himself to abuse alcohol to such an extent, Keith continued
to destroy the family happiness in other ways.

a couple of years, the paparazzi did not just catch it in young Babes.
Once, it even caught coming out with another of his passion and relaxation.

just wondered how Nicole tolerate such behaviour of her husband. And Kidman, for
likely to put up with this situation because once was madly in love with
Urbana. Moreover, the actress didn’t
to her girls lost their father.

in the end over even the incredible patience Nicole. This year, the couple who once boasted
that never separates more than two weeks, almost all the time
holds apart. Of course, both, as always, busy with work: Nicole advertises its new
the film “Lion”, and the whale travels. But even when they occur
the pause in the schedule, they don’t make any attempt to see…