Nicole Kidman boasts that her husband is “cool”

Николь Кидман гордится, что ее муж — «крутой»
Keith urban allows the actress to let loose due to its “steepness”.

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban


Nicole Kidman has once again decided to tell the world about the virtues of her beloved husband. According to 50-year-old actress Keith urban (they have been married for 11 years) allows it to be “sensitive, sincere and to give vent to his feelings and emotions in plenty” because he took on the role of “tough guy”. Kidman told that her husband constantly tells her “No, don’t be hard. It’s not peculiar to your nature. In our family I take care of all responsibilities that require hardness and toughness. And you don’t have to build up a thick skin”.

And Kidman terribly grateful my husband because his behaviour gives her the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity, including playing roles that were previously unavailable to her. She is not afraid to act in the most explicit psychological films playing heroines, which can only dream of the young actress. “Thin skin” and emotional — that the “luxury” Kidman uses, and in his charity work, and in the struggle for the rights of women victims of violence. Do not hesitate to speak publicly about everything that is not typical for stars of this magnitude.

Most recently, Nicole confessed how much she loves her husband, as they are devoted to each other and how hard it is for them to be separated for more than two days. All free from filming and red carpet time, Kidman tries to hold in Nashville, their with Keith ranch, along with their two daughters. She and her husband are not shy to Express their feelings in public, unable to hug and kiss. It seems that the actress really feels truly happy in this marriage. And managed to leave behind a dramatic divorce from first husband Tom cruise. Although still is unknown why Tom suddenly threw Nicole in 2001.