Николь Кидман заявила о намерении родить ребенка в этом году
49-year-old actress wants to become a mother.

Nicole Kidman

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Nicole Kidman surprised fans. She said in an interview that 2017 is counting on a new addition to your family. The star admitted that he wants to have another child!

“I hope that this can happen to me this year. Keith and I really want
still kids!” — told the actress. Despite the fact that both daughters — eight-year-old
Sunday rose six and faith Margaret came to her only after
years of fruitless attempts, Nicole optimistic. “My grandmother
gave birth to my mother at 49. And I would be happy to repeat her achievement. Children
the main joy in my life!” said Kidman.

“I’ve been through so much that Keith and I have been very gathered
to take a foster child. When you experience failure again and again, starts
to feel that you will never be able to achieve the goal. I’ve lost almost all
hope to give birth, when at 41 suddenly got pregnant and gave birth to Sunday!” —
recalls 49-year-old actress. However, when the couple decided to have a second child, they
still not taken the risk and used the services of a surrogate mother,
which blessed their youngest daughter.

Recall that in addition to the two younger, Kidman has two children already
adult Isabella and Connor, whom she adopted with first husband
Tom Cruise. However, to the chagrin of Nicole, they pulled away from her after the divorce
Tom, as Kidman has rejected Scientology — the religion in which raised
them to Cruz. However, the actress is not discouraged. It recognizes that to maintain a close
relationship with them it fails, but believes that this does not negate the fact that
Bella and Connor are still her children.