Nicole Kidman and Kirsten dunst fight over Colin Farrell in the drama of Sofia Coppola

Николь Кидман и Кирстен Данст борются за Колина Фаррелла в драме Софии Копполы

“Fatal temptation” — a new film directed by Sofia Coppola, which is starring Nicole Kidman, Kirsten dunst, Colin Farrell, Elle fanning.

The plot of the drama, which was filmed on the novel by Thomas Cullinan, tells us about a man who was found in the woods and who urgently needed help. He gets to the boarding house for girls who undertake to nurse him. Imperceptibly, one after another fall under the spell of the uninvited guest.

Gradually, the atmosphere in the mansion is heating up — each girl wants to win the favor of men. In the end, instead of warmth and closeness come jealousy and resentment.

Today was presented the trailer of this unusual tale. We offer you to read it: