Nicole Kidman and Keith urban have denied the rumors about the breakup

Николь Кидман и Кит Урбан опровергли слухи о расставании

Recently in the media often appear messages about the breakup of a particular star pair. This community press has decided to add a couple Nicole Kidman and Keith urban. Referring to the words of an untested and unreliable informant, “sharks” began to write about the fact that the actress is fed up of her husband flirting with other women, by their frequent separation greatly harmed their relationship and now they are not as close as before.

Wait, when media reports will become more serious and the couple divorced without their knowledge, Keith and Nicole did not. In the social network Instagram the couple proved that they are still happy and doubt to strength of their marriage is not worth it. Photos leave no doubt: the marriage of celebrities still rosy and precipitation is not observed. In fairness it should be noted that such footage on social networks for spouses is rare.

“Best birthday ever! Love you, baby!” — wrote Keith urban, who yesterday celebrated his 49th anniversary.

Recall, the wedding couple was held in 2006. Two years after the wedding, Keith and Nicole, a daughter, Sunday rose, and in another two the second daughter, faith Margaret.