Николя Саркози и Карла Бруни отмечают годовщину в Венеции

2 Feb 2008 a famous model Carla Bruni and former French President Nicolas Sarkozy to legitimize their relationship. The couple decided to celebrate a wedding anniversary and birthday Sarkozy, which was January 28, the most romantic city on earth — Venice. The couple enjoyed a joint pastime and a ride on the gondola!

Николя Саркози и Карла Бруни отмечают годовщину в Венеции

The couple walked through the shops and streets of Venice. Like all tourists who once visited the romantic city, Sarkozy and Bruni had a ride on a gondola. At the time, the supermodel put in a instagram photo and congratulated her husband: “11 years ago at 11 in the morning we got married. And 11 years later we’re still walking hand in hand. It’s luck,” she shared.

Николя Саркози и Карла Бруни отмечают годовщину в Венеции
Quite different fates were connected together and to this day the couple does not understand life without each other. But Sarkozy all began in a poor family where the father cheated on his mother and left her penniless. Father helped her mother in cash, so Nicolas was accustomed since childhood to work for food. Learned in political science, the future President of France quietly moonlighting as a courier in a flower shop, while 19-year-old Bruni flaunted in fashion shows in the clothes of such famous fashion houses as Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Versace.

If Sarkozy was busy earning money and training, Charles conquered and broke the hearts of men. Models even attributed the novel with the current President of the United States Donald trump. Who would have thought that in 40 years Carl will meet her betrothed — the President of France. The future spouses met through mutual friends at a social dinner. 2 Feb 2008, Carla and Nicolas played a secret wedding. At the Elysee Palace gathered only 20 people and no media. For Sarkozy, this was the third marriage for Bruni’s second.

It is known that they played a wedding for the future reception of the Queen of great Britain in March 2008. According to the rules, Nicolas could only imagine Carl in the status of a lawful wife. So Carl became the first lady of France. However, the status model is not used and continued to sing!

However, the public of the sincerity of the relations of the President and the first lady did not believe, but merely predicted their imminent breakup after Sarkozy will step down as President.

“All I can say is that for me as women but this meeting was important and unexpected in terms of tenderness, trust, communication and understanding. The first time I feel understood and supported, for the first time, I understand and support. First I give a lot and receive the same in response,” informed Karl told reporters about his feelings for Sarkozy.

19 Oct 2011 the couple had a beautiful daughter Julia!

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