Nicolas cage will star in the film about climate change

Николас Кейдж снимется в фильме об изменении климата

Leonardo DiCaprio produced the film “Before the flood”, where he spoke about the changes in the climate, which sooner or later will lead to disaster. DiCaprio did in the genre of documentary film, and Nicolas cage wanted to talk about the same thing in sci-Fi.

As reported by The Guardian, winner of the “Oscar” is working on a film called “the human Project”.

The story takes place in 2030, when the world already affected by climate change.

In the story, a large part of the American Midwest will be uninhabitable.

A more detailed synopsis of the picture has not yet been published.

The film will be made by Rob king. What role is played by cage, is not specified. Most likely Nicholas can appear before us in the image of the main character, and can also take on producer duties.

The shooting of “the human Project” is expected to begin next week. Location – British Columbia (Canada).