Nicolas cage was seriously injured on set

Николас Кейдж серьезно пострадал на съемках
53-year-old actor has not coped with a difficult trick.

Nicolas Cage

Photo: “7 Days”

Fans Of Nicolas Cage
saddened by the sad news. As reported by the news Agency, the actor received
compound fracture of the leg while filming new movie current
the time in Bulgaria. 53-year-old Nicholas was taken to a hospital in the capital this
the country — Sofia. But Bulgarian doctors, apparently, did not want to take on
responsibility for the treatment Hollywood stars, and after rendering first
help cage, it was decided to forward
for treatment in the United States.

In Bulgaria, Nicholas arrived at
shooting the action of “211” — stories about
the Bank robbery where the cage was to play the role of a policeman investigating
it is a crime. The film was directed
43-year-old American Director York Shackleton, and one of the roles in the film
was to play the eldest son of Nicholas Weston. Cage was hurt, overestimating
his hand he took himself to complete a complex trick that worth to trust
professional stuntmen.

Now the film crew of this project
was in a virtually hopeless situation, because she lost by one
of the main roles, and the injury of Nicolas is unlikely to allow him to return
on the set in the foreseeable future. However, fans of cage still
I hope that doctors will be able to make a small miracle and trauma Nicholas heal
relatively quickly.