Nicolas cage broke his leg on set

Николас Кейдж сломал ногу на съемках

In order to avoid injuries on set for stunts usually invite professionals stunt. But often, Hollywood actors, self-confident, dare to do everything yourself, which is fraught with unpleasant consequences. For example, a serious injury on the set of the film “211” received Nicolas cage.

It is reported that during the execution of the stunt cage landed badly on his leg, and suffered a fracture.

The team rushed to help Nicholas help, they immediately called an ambulance and took 53-year-old cage at the Military medical Academy of Sofia (recall the shooting of the film take place in Bulgaria), where the doctors made all the necessary manipulations. But to convalesce cage at home. It turned out that the injury is more serious than it seemed initially. In Los Angeles the cage will do the surgery on a limb.
What movie, for which risked the health of the cage? In the film “211” Nicholas playing a COP, most likely fighting against injustice.

At the moment the film frozen. The team is waiting for Nicholas to improve their health and will be able to get to work.