Nicolas cage almost got beat by a jealous husband

Николаса Кейджа чуть не побил ревнивый муж
The actor fled from the restaurant.

Николаса Кейджа чуть не побил ревнивый муж

Recently, 53-year-old cage was in a very
an awkward position. Nicholas had tried to flirt with unknown girl
as a result, barely escaped the violence of her enraged spouse.

It all started with the fact that cage with a man —
actor Crispin Glover — he went to lunch in Los Angeles
restaurant Sushi Gen. And there he decided to make acquaintance with a pretty
a woman sitting alone at the next table. Cage used all
your charm and seemed to progress quite well, but there
suddenly appeared in the hall, the man who went up to beauty. And
the stranger was so enraged that cage, who immediately realized
that faced with the jealous husband of a girl trying to “hook up”, jumped up in horror and
clutching his head, hurried out of the restaurant. And after Nicholas of
the restaurant went out laughing Glover, to whom this incident seemed extremely
funny. At that moment, and captured the nearby paparazzi.

The cage was sincerely disappointed, he did not
expect such developments. Indeed, in
your time with flirt in the Eastern
the restaurant began the novel cage and Alice Kim (who was then working in this place
waitress) ended the third marriage for the actor. However, despite
the fact that Nicholas and Alice have lived together for almost 11 years, raising a son
Kal-El, their marriage still ended sadly — they decided to leave.