Ники Хилтон снова стала мамой
The younger sister of Paris celebrated Christmas early.

Ники Хилтон снова стала мамой

Nicky Hilton


Nicky Hilton confessed that she is completely happy:
34-year-old wife of the heir to the Rothschild Empire, about the pregnancy, which became known this summer, gave birth to her second child. “Christmas
came to me early! I and my husband James became parents of a newborn
girls!” — said the younger sister, Paris.

Nicky and her husband, the wedding with whom she played in
July 2015, called his daughter Teddy Marilyn. And, my middle name baby
this was not in honor of Marilyn Monroe. Nicky gave his younger daughter name,
which belonged to her beloved grandmother, the wife of the son of the founder of the Empire Hilton —
Conrad, who left this world in 2004. l

The baby Teddy was the younger sister of the first
child Niki — year-old Lily grace. The eldest daughter of the couple Rothschilds yet
too young to realize the significance of the changes that have taken place in the family. But
mother tried to prepare her for this event, giving her daughter a doll
depicting a nursing infant. And showed Lily grace, as to “feed” his “daughter” from
toy bottle.

Nicky Hilton got married

Curiously, Nicky and her husband basically refused to know the baby’s gender before the birth. “I’m happy in any case. Although, remembering his own childhood, I can say that having a sister is just fine. Although if it’s a boy, that would be great!” – said Nicky shortly before the birth of her daughter.

Incidentally, the eldest of the sisters Hilton Paris, which she had long dreamed about the baby, already told you that she is uncommonly proud “once again become the aunt of the little angel”.