Nick Vujicic will become a father for the third time

Ник Вуйчич станет отцом в третий раз Spouse motivational speaker she was expecting twins. Nick Vujicic and his wife Kanae are preparing for the joyful event. Fans around the world congratulate the speaker who, despite a physical disability, lives life to the fullest and inspire others to follow their dreams.
Ник Вуйчич станет отцом в третий раз

The famous motivational speaker Nick Vujicic will soon become a father for the third time. His wife Kanae went for an ultrasound, after which it became clear that the couple has twins. The man began to conceal such a joyful event from their fans, and therefore published in social networks short video.

Ник Вуйчич станет отцом в третий раз“I have had an exceptional father’s Day after we just heard something extraordinary! Thank you for your prayers for our growing family!” – Nick wrote on his page in the social network.
Ник Вуйчич станет отцом в третий раз

Fans around the world immediately began to congratulate the man. They wished his wife a easy birth and babies health. The couple already has two sons – four-year and two-year Kiyoshi Dejan. Both boys were born completely healthy, despite the fact that Nick suffers from a hereditary disease, which manifests itself in the absence of the four limbs.

Despite the physical disadvantage, the man became the world famous speaker. He performs in different countries with motivating lectures, to help people to gain confidence in yourself. Also, Vujicic has released several books.

After surgeons separated the webbed partial the foot of the famous orator, Nick was able to acquire the necessary skills: you must be running on the computer, and knows how to write. Also, a man leads an active lifestyle – he rides on a skateboard and a surfboard.

For five years Nick lives with his wife Kanae. The famous Australian philanthropist grateful for the fact that his life had a woman that supports him and motivate for new achievements.

“My wife – that’s who inspires me to feats. Together with her we skydive, surf and lead an active lifestyle. When I feel bad, it motivates me: “You can do it!” I love her to bits and I want to say that people who have illnesses should not give up on yourself – there will be someone who will love you and make you believe in a miracle,” said Vujicic “StarHit”.