Ник Джонас ответил на грубый комментарий одного из фанатов в инстаграме

A former member of the “Jonas Brothers” and the TV series of the same name, one of the three brothers Nick Jonas does not tolerate rude mockery of their fans. for the sake of which he stops on the street for photos and autographs. One of the fans, with whom the star took a picture, put it in your profile in instagram under the name zak_hanzal and made the signature, jokingly mocking with a small growth of Jonas. He could not remain silent, and replied to a fan.

Ник Джонас ответил на грубый комментарий одного из фанатов в инстаграме

Friday night, one of the fans put a photo on instagram with the caption “”@NickJonas you need a little more undergrowth bro.”. It is possible to see that Nick Jonas gets in the height of my shoulder its fans.

Height of by is equal to 1.70 m. His brothers also shared the same height of his star brother. Nick did not suffer the rude taunts of the fan and said, “You need to gain some manners, bro,” commented the actor signed fan. “I had to stop to take this picture with you. Just rude. Very rude.”

It turned out the user of instagram really likes Jonas. Seeing the comment of the actor, the fan immediately changed the photo caption, “One of the most humble stars… My man!”. Was very excited for nick, to which he left a like and emoticons. Moreover, he left a comment, “Hey, guys, it’s okay. No need to spread negativity.”

Soon, the conflict was resolved and the other fans broke out positive reviews about her situation. Not to say that Nick Jonas is famous for its scandalous. Rather on the contrary, the Disney star loves to bestow his star friends of pleasant surprises and messages.

For example, the 20th of August in honor of the birthday of his faithful friend and ex-partner tour demi Lovato, actor sent congratulations in the same network instagram.

“Happy birthday @ddlovato we’ve seen in this life together… and the same lies ahead. I really admire you and I am very glad to have you in my life,” he wrote in his congratulation one of the famous Jonas brothers and the best friends of the singer. “I would like to be with you now to celebrate! And Yes, I know that you will never forget what you’re a month older than I am.”

The post included two photos: one was a two-star recently, and here is the second photo from the past. In 2008, the guys starred together in the film, Disney “Camp Rock”. They were only 16.