Nick Jonas fights against diabetes

Ник Джонас борется с диабетом

It would seem that all the stars well, because their Bank accounts are stored in the millions. It is not always money is the main factor of happiness. Example was Nick Jonas. Recently, news portals read about his new lover, and now the actor and musician talks about sad. Now he subdues careful planning each day, after all, suffers from type 1 diabetes.

Ник Джонас борется с диабетом

More than 10 years, the singer lives with a diagnosis of “diabetes”. He wrote in the instagram post, in which he called on all to fight and stay strong, take your example. “Today marks 13 years since I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes type. Pictured left — I few weeks after this news. I lost a lot of weight, weighed only 45 kg due to the fact that the blood sugar level was very high. The right photo — I now. Happy and healthy. I lead a good lifestyle, exercise regularly, eat normal food and keep control of sugar level. I have aligned closely monitored each day for sickness, and I am thankful for my family and beloved for support. Never let others hinder you to live the life that you want. Thank you to all my fans for their kind words and support. They mean more to me than you can imagine. Love you all”.

Among the comments you can mark the message of the beloved star, Priyanka Chopra. “Everything connected with you, — has a special meaning for me. No matter you suffer from diabetes or not.”

We will remind, earlier in a network discussed the future wedding of celebrities. Nick gave a ring to his beloved Tiffany during her birthday on July 18. “They’re so happy. Nick’s friends just don’t recognize him, they had never seen him so happy. He is very serious towards Priyanka,” — said the insider.

Also a tip for the wedding gave a statement of the Director of the Indian movie Bharat Ali Abbas Zafar. The fact that Priyanka Chopra was chosen for the lead role in project Director, soon the actress refused to. As Ali says, it’s all about her boyfriend. “Yes, Priyanka Chopra is no longer a part of our project, but the reason for this is very, very special. She told us that it is for nick… and we are very glad for it… the Team of our film wishes Priyanka a huge amount of love and happiness.”

Brother nick, Joe also made his personal life. The team member all dnce proposed to his girlfriend Sophie Turner, best known for the role of Sansa stark in the TV series “Game of thrones” and the movie “X-Men”. The girl said “Yes”, saying this in his account in instagram.

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