Ник Кеннон поужинал с новой возлюбленной и её матерью

Spouse of Marii Carey Nick cannon was spotted again with Chile, a former member of the group TLC. The couple had supper in one of Miz restaurants Los Angeles in the company of the mother of singer ava.

Eyewitnesses claimed that the mother and daughter arrived around 8 PM. They took a previously reserved table and fifteen minutes later they were joined by Nick.
“Nick was very courteous and entertained women all night. Chile and her mother looked pleased. They laughed and giggled. He probably told them a ton of jokes for this evening,” said the eyewitness.
Recall that contrary to the assertions of insiders that nick and Chile – serious relationship, cannon to a reporter’s question last month, said: “I would like to say that we have a relationship with her. for me it’s something new, but I wasn’t ready for such statuses and stuff the rest”.
But the same witness claims that the pair was acting very casually, like friends. They touch each other and clearly demonstrated his sympathy. Together they left the restaurant somewhere around 9:30.
Recall that now the cannon is in divorce proceedings with his wife and the mother of his children-twins Monroe and Marrocan, Maria Carey. The latter is already being prepared for the wedding to Australian billionaire James Packer, and if not for her suddenly perhehotelli divorces husband, then this would be married.

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