Николас Лефевр: что известно о новом возлюбленном Моники Беллуччи?

After breaking up with Vincent Cassel beauty Monica Bellucci some time didn’t trust his heart to anyone, but at the end of last year the star was spotted with a new lover. This is the first “official” boyfriend star, who is still with Monica! In the network appeared detailed information about 36-year-old French artist Nicolas Lefevre, from which the actress!

Николас Лефевр: что известно о новом возлюбленном Моники Беллуччи?

In December, the couple were photographed by photographers during a peaceful walk in the capital of France, and yesterday, the pair returned to their native land of the artist and visited the Chanel fashion show within the fashion Week in Paris. How did Nicholas win the heart of beauty?

The hometown of Nicolas Boulogne-Balancer, a suburb of Paris. On the future career of the boy wonder, because everything was clear — he would become an artist! Since childhood, Nicholas was fond of painting. He was inspired by the writer Andre Breton, the sculptor Constantin Brancusi and the artist Joan miró. the boy studied in the School of arts and culture, as well as at the Louvre in Paris.

The artist is a true expert in their work and is constantly studying the music of other cultures. Nicholas is a specialist in African, oceanic and Amazonian art.

After graduating, Nicholas went to Peru, where he sought the antique furniture of the 1950-ies, that is very interested. Back in Paris, Nicolas began working with antique dealer and decorator Axel Orvonton, visited several exhibitions and festivals in Antiques. In 2008, Nicholas has opened an art gallery, the exhibits of which were paintings, furniture and interior design.

About the artist’s personal life virtually nothing is known. From a previous relationship, Nicholas is the daughter Anahi. “My daughter is very strong. I always take her to exhibitions and fairs and even on the “hunt” for Antiques. She loves to come to my workshop, where freely and easily expresses itself. She loves to decorate our home and always helps me a lot, and I listen to her opinion”, — said the artist in an interview.

Monica Bellucci is an artist from France and I met last summer. A couple bound not only the love of art and culture, and travel. “I have long been Dating the same man, and all is well. He had a different job, but because of her he got to travel a lot around the world. That is why he perfectly understands me and shares my lifestyle. I’m very happy,” the actress said.

Previously, Monica was told that still has problems with men. “I have the same problems with men, and 20 years. I can only say that still believe in love. The love of two people, love children, love to work. I still believe in love.”

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