Очередной розыгрыш: Кристина Агилера поет про посетителей в магазине пончиков

Christina Aguilera is not only a great singer but also a lover of practical jokes. Who else in Hollywood loves to cast people? Of course Jimmy Kimmel. He invited the singer on his TV show, in which he made the drawing. Aguilera was supposed to sing about random visitors to the doughnut shop, then make them. People are just in shock!

It all happened in one of the donut shops in Hollywood. The room went random people and chose donuts as suddenly the columns began to be heard the voice of the singer. Hearing a song about themselves, people in perplexity began to look for the source of the sound. One of the customers even suggested that the singer is in the room! Surprisingly, it turned out well! After finishing the song off the cuff, she went out into the hall and took out the coveted donut. Everyone loved it!

Last summer, Aguilera became a member of another draw. To play people, the singer decided within the promotion of the new album Liberation. A couple of days before its release, the artist has attracted particular attention, speaking to metro new York. Partners she took the TV host Jimmy Fallon, who also sang in his show “the tonight show starring jimmy fallon”.

Started his speech, Fallon and Aguilera with a song Aretha Franklin Freedom. Passers-by did not even know that we play in the metro the real stars of world size. They are cleverly camouflaged, using plain clothes, hats, wigs and sunglasses. The voice of the singer attracted passers-by, which had accumulated is really a lot. They began to tape on the phone and applaud. When the stars revealed personality, after removing the masking, the audience was in shock! Such a surprise they did not expect. The cheering and clapping was much more, and now the artist freely played track from the new album Fighter.

Aguilera is not the first who gave a concert in the subway in new York. There also performed their songs U2 a year ago, Miley Cyrus delighted the residents with their singing. They also started their show in disguise and then revealed the person to surprise passers-by.

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