Новость о тайной свадьбе Анастасии Мельниковой оказалась неправдой

No sooner had the Russian actress Anastasia Melnikova to take the first dozen greetings, a secret marriage, how she got sick and she decided to dot the “I” person. The star of the show “street of the broken lanterns” stated that the news about her wedding are not true. Anastasia said that at the moment she’s very busy, and marriage is not in her plans.

“It’s a lie! Absolute!” — said Melnikov.
According to Melnikova, some journalists for the past two months terrorizing her friends questions about her marriage. it is to them that she attributes to “duck” the news spread yesterday, almost all Russian media.

Recall that Anastasia was attributed to a secret wedding with her lover, which allegedly took place in the family circle in St. Petersburg. Melnikov has promised that as soon as you gather to say farewell to freedom – myself personally talk about this.