Новорожденный сын Марата Башарова получил роскошные подарки Little Marcel made gifts family friends. Baby sports predicted future environment Marat Basharova believes that the boy will be able to succeed in the sport. Recently the actor met with friends from the hockey team, where he plays himself. Men held for him a special ritual greetings.

      Новорожденный сын Марата Башарова получил роскошные подарки

      28 Jul Marat Basharov became a father for the second time. His civil wife Elizabeth Shevarkov gave birth to a boy, the child was named Marcel. One of the first actor congratulated the players at the Amateur club “the mosquito”.

      “Marat called me and shared the joy,” said the “StarHit” captain HC Alexander Morozov. – Voiced weight and height, and I wished him to stay on this family. On the day we had training. Marat arrived. We’ve prepared a present for his son – children’s hockey uniform with the name Marcel on the back and a games room father – 11″.

      The hockey players there is a special ritual greetings – players surround the newly minted dad and begin to beat with their sticks on the ice. That’s what happened this time. In addition, men presented Bacharova envelope, on which was stated the name of the baby. “After the game went to celebrate a joyful event at one of the restaurants,” continues frost. Some of the players also bought gifts for the boy. For example, actor Denis Matrosov give a toy.

      Новорожденный сын Марата Башарова получил роскошные подарки

      “I became a father on may 1 this year – said the “StarHit” Denis. – And the goalkeeper Andrei Sokolov gave us a wonderful tumbler. It would seem that such a simple toy, but our Fyodor with her, not leave – as soon as you see, immediately begins cooing with joy. So I decided to make Marat a similar gift.”

      Friends of the actor are sure that Basharov will introduce son to the sport from an early age, so composer Andrey Baturin already saved him a hockey stick with the logo of HC “Dynamo”.

      Marat Basharov gets the best gadgets for the unborn child

      “I support this club, – has shared with “StarHit” Buchanan. And I wish Marcelino big wins in life. And if you start to play with the child, it is better to threaten on solid professional clubs. I’m sure this boy all of us will tell.”

      By the way, the birthday boy was looking forward to the daughter of the artist from his first marriage – 11-year-old Amelie. The girl was delighted with the news of the impending addition to the family of the father, unspeakably pleasing to the Marat. Actor and TV presenter is sure that in the future his successors will get along just fine and will be able to become each other’s support.

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