Newborn son Eva Longoria has become a football fan

Новорожденный сын Евы Лонгории уже стал футбольным болельщиком
The actress shared a new snapshot of her baby.

The Son Of Eva Longoria Santiago Enrique

In the life of a 43-year-old Eva Longoria is definitely
began light bar. First, she first became a mother, giving birth to
healthy baby, who was named Santiago Enrique. And, secondly, true
dreams of Eva, who is a passionate soccer fan. Team Mexico,
she survives, wins one victory after another!

That Longoria, who was born in the United States,
the pain was for this team, is not surprising. After all, her parents Ella and
Enrique — ethnic Mexicans. Besides, beloved husband of eve — Jose Baston,
was born and became a media Mogul in Mexico city. And thanks to a new snapshot, which
shared Longoria, everyone knew that now, her little son is sick in
the national team of Mexico.

The photo that eve posted on
his page in the social network depicted a happy father with little Santiago
hands. And eve took care of that would play her favorite team with South
Korea, to get a tiny t-shirt dark green, the same as
players of the Mexican national team. Moreover, this t-shirt, by ordering Longoria
the inscription “Santi” — because this is what parents affectionately called baby.

We will remind, the firstborn of the actress appeared on
light 19 June in the famous clinic of Cedar
Sinai Medical Centre. He weighed in
birth a little more than 3 kilograms and has been recognized by doctors quite healthy.
Note that if for Longoria, he was her first child, her husband Jose
Of Bastogne, the wedding with whom she played in 2016, has already been before the boy’s birth three
children from his first marriage with Natalia Esperon. He is the father of 22-year-old daughter Natalia,
and 14-year-old twins Mariana and Jose.

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