Новый молодой бойфренд задаривает Дженнифер Лопес бриллиантами
Nobody bought the singer for such jewels…

Jennifer Lopez with rapper Drake

Photo: Instagram.com

Jennifer Lopez remains on seventh heaven
happiness. Her new love — a 30-year-old boyfriend Drake — no regrets
the means to give her joy. The other day he gave
47-year-old Jennifer luxurious necklace in platinum with diamonds and pearls, which he
bought in the boutique Tiffani more than 100 thousand dollars. Moreover, the gift was not timed to any event, and donated just to pamper Lopez. About
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Of course, Lopez enough
funds to be buying my own jewelry. But to
them as a gift, and even a man, much nicer! But such gifts she did not
gave for a long time. For several years, she met Casper
Smart, her former backup dancer. And all this time he did not, and she was giving him
expensive gifts, including luxury car. Her ex-husband singer Marc Anthony married to Jennifer which was to the novel with
Kasper, although he was quite wealthy, was not in the habit of giving her jewelry for no reason. The last impressive act of generosity on the part of men was the famous engagement ring with a huge diamond, donated by Ben Affleck, when he planned to marry Lopez.

As for the affair with Jennifer Drake, he continues
to develop rapidly. Their love story began in early December, but still
before Christmas, the couple began to spread in mikroblogah photo where they gently hugged. The new year is also the lovers held
together. Moreover, in order to celebrate the holiday with your beloved, Lopez canceled
your long-planned concert, for which she had to pay about
million dollars. Friends say that I have not seen a singer like this
in love. And, it looks like neither Drake nor Jennifer does not bother
respectable age difference.