New woman Dmitry Shepelev does not give the family to see Plato

Новая женщина Дмитрия Шепелева не дает родным видеться с Платоном Vladimir Friske said, who now lives with the presenter. According to the father of Joan, a former beautician of his daughter Kseniya Stepanova moved to Shepelevo. It deals with the education of the son of the singer.
Новая женщина Дмитрия Шепелева не дает родным видеться с Платоном

While the parents of Jeanne Friske mired in lawsuits from the “Rusfond”, Dmitry Shepelev, it seems, everything is normal. He not only got a prestigious job on the main channel of the country, but also arranged personal life. According to Vladimir Friske, for this reason, the presenter said goodbye to the nanny. Now for the four-year Plato was watching the other woman.

Dmitry Shepelev made no secret that after the death of Jeanne the only person who supported him, became Kseniya Stepanova. In the past, the woman worked as a personal beautician Jeanne was her friend. When Friske sick, she was close and after the death of the singer has not ceased to communicate with her loved ones.

A week ago was to be held the next, third meeting of the family Friske Plato, but it was canceled due to the illness of the boy.

“Then I found out that Dima still fired, – said the “StarHit” dad Jeanne. – Before him every time something stopped, because the child needs someone to look after while he was at work. And now Dima appeared Ksenia Stepanova. I suspect that they became friends, even when Joan was ill. Otherwise, who pulled my daughter documents which subsequently appeared a forged signature?”
Новая женщина Дмитрия Шепелева не дает родным видеться с Платоном

In an interview Shepelev confessed his love to Xenia, calling it “gentle Savior.” “In the past, She just came to visit to Plato, – told the “StarHit” Vladimir Borisovich. Later I learned that she and Dima are so close to each other that together, my grandson flew to Greece. Now Stepanova and not to move in with him. I call her constantly, but she never picked up. With her trying to get in touch and Olga Orlova, but also to no avail. It turns out that Xenia was replaced by Plato and mother, and godmother. Well, so be it! But why limit the communication and ignore the family?

Although the last date Plato so shocked me that I don’t know what to do. the Grandson then asked: “Grandfather, where is the money, where is the house?” It set up against us. I think that we have nothing to help”.